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Hi there my friend!

I am Jenny King an Inspirational Speaker, Productivity Coach, Author, and Lifestyle Enthusiast. 

I use my charismatic personality and witty remarks to teach determined individuals how to Live Whole, Healthy and Free! My passion lies in helping others.  Mental health, self-awareness and authentic communication are so important to me, and I diligently strive for mindfulness in all things. I live by the golden rule "seize the moment" because I firmly believe every moment we have is a gift to be cherished and experienced fully. 


I pride myself on being an excellent cook, chic foodie, music lover, stylish bargainista, and wholeness advocate.  Life hasn't always been this way for me though.  I used to be so self-conscious and insecure.  Then several years ago, I embarked upon an incredible journey of whole-self-discovery.  After years of inner-self work, I have uncovered the beauty in life on my path to wholeness through Faith, Fashion, Fitness and Fun!


I want to share all the lessons I'm learning with you along the way, and I'm so excited to have you on this journey with me.

With Love,