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“Jenn's platform is based on inspiring and motivating people in such a positive and influential way. She is hard working and definitely someone people can look up too. I would 100% recommend following Jenn if you aren't already.”

Stephanie Y.

“My encounters with Jenny have always been inspirational. JennJennTheFriend provides what I call inspiration to go! She inspires me through her thoughtful and heartfelt content to push past my own insecurities and embrace what God graciously gave me. I am 27 and I can remember the day Jenny helped changed my life as a teenager. From being insecure about my body to embracing my was Jenny who helped me break free! I am eternally grateful!”

Jazmine Wilson

“JennJennTheFriend is a breath of fresh air. It's a place I go to for spiritual guidance and instructions. JennJennTheFriend always has a positive and inspiring word for her viewers. I leave there changed, motivated, and feeling I can make it in this uncertain world.”

Tanjala Wright

“Personal growth and development - so important. I know what it's like to have low self-esteem and judge myself by the world's standards. Jenn's messages can help so many accept themselves, like themselves and love themselves from the inside out. They are definitely helping me.”

Janine F.

“I am so blessed to have JennJennTheFriend in my life. She is such an inspiration, so positive and beautiful. I only hope to have the same positive attitude as I continue to listen and read the things she posts.”

Charity W.

“Since meeting Jenn about two years ago she immediately became a friend. We were at an event and her energy and smile filled the room. I have since followed her growth and enjoy the helpful content she creates! With Jenn, she encourages us to know we are good enough and to DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!! She truly is a friend.”

J.R. Reynolds

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